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new club logoThe Basset Hound Club was re-formed in 1954 and its main functions are to look after the interests of the Breed, to promote classes at Shows and to hold Shows at Open and Championship level, and to foster friendliness and co-operation between Members whether they are interested in Showing or having a Basset Hound as a pet. Membership of the Club includes free Third Party Insurance cover for members and their hounds on a BHC organised event ie. a Show or Branch Functions including walks.

The Club's Newsletter, the first of which appeared in 1957, together with the Website helps to keep members informed of events in the Basset world in general and in particular of other's activities and opinions at home and abroad. A Record Book, now a yearly publication 'The Scent' combines newsletter and the Record Book into one glossy publication.

There are Branches of the Club in various regions of the country and members of the Club are entitled to join these on payment of a small additional annual membership fee. The Branches hold various functions in their areas, guarantee classes at local Open Shows and some publish Newsletters for their Members. Contact details for Branch secretaries can be found here.

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kennel club logo The Basset Hound Club is a Kennel Club registered society, abiding with their guidelines. All shows are held in accordance with Kennel Club rules and regulations and endorse good canine practices as promoted by the Kennel Club We firmly believe in our hounds being fit for function, fit for life. The aim of the Basset Hound Club is to provide knowledge and education to ensure Basset Hounds live happy, healthy lives with responsible owners