Membership subscriptions include third party insurance to cover you and your hound(s) at official Basset Hound Club or Regional Branch events in the UK. Members of the Basset Hound Club are eligible to join Regional Branches. For more information contact the Branch Secretary for your area.
The Branches circulate their ownNewsletters, which usually contain up to date lists of their activities.
Any changes or last minute alterations are carried in the Breed Notes of "Our Dogs" or "Dog World".

Subscriptions are renewed annually

Subscription Rates:

  • UK - £9 Single or £10 Joint (two individuals of the same household)
  • Overseas Membership (Eire/EU/Rest of World) - £15 payable in sterling - includes airmail (we are now charging the same overseas membership rate)

All those wishing to pay by Standing Order are asked to use the form supplied by the Honorary Secretary: Mr Colin Gillanders, 2/R 47 Edgehill Road, Broomhill, Glasgow, G11 7JB •Telephone: 0141 334 8840 or 07720 534843 •Email to: Colin Gillanders

Download your Membership application form-->

If you do not pay by standing order please make sure your subs are up-to-date. The appropriate amount is shown above and payment should be sent to the Honorary Treasurer:

Miss Judith Murray
154 Barmpton Lane, Darlington, Co Durham, DL1 3HF

Subscription Renewal Slip